Warranty Programs

A fixed-price avionics warranty contract guarantees your repair bills won’t exceed your budget.

The goal of the avionics warranty plan is to protect your avionics investment at a minimal fee. Whether you choose the HAPP or CASP or both — Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan and Rockwell Collin’s Corporate Aircraft Service Program—these factory warranty plans take the uncertainty out of repair and maintenance costs. Precision Jet Avionics eliminates all the guesswork and gives you a GUARANTEED – ANNUAL – FIXED budget for avionics repair costs. Now you can have an avionics repair and maintenance plan that's more AFFORDABLE whether it is an initial contract or renewal. Call us for a variety of available discounts.

Precision Jet Avionics will help you take control of unpredictable avionics maintenance & repair cost at a discounted rate.

Avionics Warranty programs give you More Control with these BENEFITS:

  • Avionics Service from Precision Jet in Stuart FlLOCK in your avionics maintenance and repair costs for the year – eliminating costly surprises.
  • Flexibility to CHOOSE the avionics shop – your established service relationships are maintained.
  • Coverage applies to ALL HONEYWELL OR COLLINS EQUIPMENT– no gaps or misunderstandings as to whose equipment is covered.
  • FREEZE rates for 1, 2, or 3 year periods – at your discretion.
  • Gives you a SINGLE RENEWAL DATE for all listed equipment – eliminate the hassle of “tracking” which warranty has expired!
  • Add or remove equipment throughout the year!
  • VOLUME DISCOUNTS when multiple aircraft are placed on the program!
  • Historical SERVICE REPORTS for each aircraft under the program!
  • AMAZINGLY AFFORDABLE Worldwide coverage!
  • Fully transferable to new owner/operator during sale or acquisition of aircraft.

    Call Precision Jet Avionics Today for a Quote at 1-800-AVIONICS or contact Diana Helle at diana@precisionjet.com

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